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Let us know you will be voting Chama St. Louis for Mayor!

Watch this video to hear Chama explain why she's running for Mayor.

Meet Chama

Chama moved to the south end of Peoria when she was 10 years old. She grew up in a union household: her step-dad was a construction worker and her mother had a full time job as a stay at home mom.

Chama believes the city needs someone like her to offer a new perspective. Peoria needs someone who has a deeper understanding of what the obstacles are and how to overcome them.

Meet Chama >

Chama’s Vision

A new normal. Where economic status doesn’t determine opportunity. Where decisions are not made without real community input. Where bad policy and poor stewardship of residents money are not the expectation. A community where you can leave your house on any part of town and have everything you need to live a good, quality life within walking distance. Where it is normal for elected leadership to roll-up their sleeves and get involved.

The Issues >

Our campaign doesn’t take money from corporate interests because we don’t work for them, we work for you. Every dollar you contribute will help power this campaign for the people. Will you chip in?